Coronavirus Childcare Assistance Scheme (C-CAS)

Childcare providers can register to deliver Welsh Government Coronavirus Childcare Assistance Scheme (C-CAS) funded emergency childcare in their settings for key/critical workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


To become a C-CAS provider, you will need to:

  • be registered with Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW)
  • be subject to communication from us and Welsh Government for monitoring and evaluation purposes
  • be subject to regular monitoring by us and submit records of attendance as required
  • provide weekly monitoring and claims form by Friday each week to us
  • provide us with an up to date fees list
  • ensure all relevant parties e.g. proprietor, manager, supervisor, staff, management committee etc are all made fully aware of the requirements for registration as a C-CAS (Coronavirus Childcare Assistance Scheme) provider
  • only accept children of parents who are keyworkers (both parents in 2 parent households/1 parent in single parent household)

How to register to be C-CAS provider

A childcare setting can register online to be a C-CAS provider.

Register online to be a C-CAS provider

More information

Visit to view the Coronavirus: childcare for under five year olds providers guidance