How the Council is funded

The Council provides a wide range of services and relies on a number of funding sources in order to be able to do this.

Funding sources
Funding sourceDescription% of Council budgetAmount (£)

Welsh Government

Sometimes known as the "block grant". This is money given to the Council by Welsh Government every year for general use.



Specific grants

Also from Welsh Government, but for the delivery of specific services such as schools, or transport



Council Tax

A tax paid to the Council by every eligible household in Denbighshire



Other income

The Council charges fees for some licences and services, as well as generating revenue from services like Leisure Centres or car parks.




'Reserves' is money that the Council has put to one side to cover its funding shortfalls in tougher economic times.



Re-shaping the Council

The amount of money that the Council receives from Welsh Government grants has been lower than the rate of inflations each year for a while now, resulting in a real-term shortfall. Combined with the increasing costs of running services, the Council needs to look at ways to ensure that core services continue to be offered.