Community and living

Community information and services for residents in Denbighshire.

UK Shared Prosperity Fund

Information about the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Services and information

Rhyl Regeneration

Rhyl is changing. Be part of its future.

Coastal Defence

Find out about Coast Defence Schemes in Denbighshire.

Supporting the people of Ukraine

How to help or find support.

Childcare and parenting

Information and advice from the Family Information Service.

Community Development

Find out about what our Community Development Team can help you to do and find Community Grants in Denbighshire.

Climate and ecological change

Information on climate and ecological change including what we're doing and how you can help.

Warm welcome

Come along and enjoy a safe place to keep warm with company, a cuppa and chat this winter.

Superfast broadband

Information about Superfast broadband.


Information about biodiversity in Denbighshire.

Community Sport (external website)

Community Sport information.


Find out what we’re doing to breathe new life into some parts of Denbighshire.

Gypsies and Travellers

Information about Gypsies and Travellers.

Keeping animals

Owners are responsible for making sure that their animal’s welfare needs are met. 

Menter Iaith (external website)

Menter Iaith Sir Ddinbych is a registered charity that promotes the Welsh language across Denbighshire. 

Community safety and support

Community safety and support information. 

Public toilets

Information about public toilets. 


Find your nearest allotment and apply for a plot. 

Edge of Care: Micro-provider Initiative

We are running a free development programme to support residents to set up their own micro-provider service in their local communities.

Community Arts (external website)

Community Arts information.

Winter information and advice

Information and advice on preparing for winter and more.

Warm Welcome

Come along and enjoy a safe place to keep warm with company, a cuppa and chat this winter.