About the Council

Find out how the council is structured, funded, regulated and more.

Services and information

How the Council works

What the Council does and how it works.

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights

We are committed to celebrating diversity and promoting equality in everything we do, to improve the quality of life for everyone living, working and visiting Denbighshire.

Welsh language standards

Our council, like every other council in Wales, is expected to comply with Welsh Language Standards issued by the Welsh Language Commissioner in Wales.

Council offices

Council office locations and opening hours.

Reviewing the Council's performance

We continually review our performance, to check our progress, identify any areas where we may be off-track, and take action to make sure we achieve our goals.

Council constitution

The constitution sets out how we operate, how we make decisions and what procedures we follow.

Insurance information

Insurance information.

Strategic partnerships

Information about our strategic partnerships.

City, town and community councils

Denbighshire has 37 city, town and community councils, and their role is to represent local communities.

Customer Service standards

Our Customer Service standards explain what you can expect from the Council when you contact us.