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Labour market

The Denbighshire labour market profile gives an overview of the labour market in Denbighshire. It brings together information from several different sources.

The following information about Denbighshire is correct as of December 2018:

  • Economic activity: 75.6% of people aged 16-64 are economically active. This compares to 76.3% in Wales and 78.4% in Great Britain.
  • Gender difference: 77.6% of men and 73.7% of women are economically active. This gender difference is also present in the figures for Wales and Great Britain.
  • Self-employment: The level of self-employment is 18% in Denbighshire. This compares to 14.2% in Wales and 15.1% in Great Britain. Higher levels of self-employment are common in rural areas.
  • Out of work benefits: 15.4% of people aged 16-64 are claiming key out of work benefits. This compares to 14.4% in Wales and 11.0% in Great Britain. 0.7% of the 16-64 year old population are claiming Job Seeker's Allowance. This compares to 0.8% in Wales and 0.8% in Great Britain.

The Office for National Statistics collate this information.

Labour Market Profile - Denbighshire (external website)

There are big differences between different parts of Denbighshire for each of these measures. The rate of claimants of Jobseekers allowance (JSA) is higher in the following areas than in Denbighshire as a whole:

  • Rhyl West: 3.0%
  • Rhyl South West: 1.2%
  • Rhyl East: 1.2%

Those areas with a high JSA claimant rate also tend to have high unemployment, high numbers of people claiming out of work benefits, and lower levels of economic activity.

You can compare the statistics for different local areas in Denbighshire on the Infobase Cymru website (external website).


Like many other areas, Denbighshire's business base suffered during the recent economic downturn. The latest figures on the number of new businesses created every year are from 2017.

310 new businesses were created per annum in Denbighshire in 2017. This was below the pre-recession level of 355 new businesses per annum.

Aggregate turnover from businesses in Denbighshire was recorded at £2,500m in 2017. This compares to £2,995m before the recession.