Beaches in Prestatyn

Barkby Beach

Barkby Beach is a hive of activity for boats and craft, where you’ll find Prestatyn Sailing Club and boat launching slipway.

If you interested in using slipways and launching please contact our Harbour Department on 01824 708400.

There is no swimming in this area because of the vessels using the slipway, but the beach is ideal for enjoying yourself for building a sand castle or just enjoying the weather.

East of the slipway and sailing club is where the dog friendly area starts again.

Central Beach

Central beach is the main beach in Prestatyn and is very popular with visitors.

You can access the beach from the car parks at Nova East and Nova West. It’s also an area where our lifeguards are stationed during the season.

If your planning on going for a swim remember to check the lifeguards flags to see if it's safe, and find where is best to swim. If you're not sure, you can speak to a lifeguard and they'll be happy to help.

Beach Lifeguards

Other facilities at Central Beach include an outdoor shower, cafés and a play area.


Ffrith Beach

At the western end of Prestatyn, Ffrith Beach has two zones.

The first, Ffrith Beach West, stretches from the Golf Course to the entrance to Ffrith Beach Fun Parc. This area is marked by the sloping access from the promenade which makes it much easier for people to access the beach. This beach forms part of our dog friendly area and you are welcome to exercise your dog here at any time.

The area to the east of Ffrith slipway which starts from the Ffrith Beach Fun Parc East goes past Tower Gardens and up to the Nova West Car Park is a more popular area that leads you towards the main resort beach at Prestatyn Central. Dogs are restricted at Ffrith East from May – September.

Dogs on our beaches

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