Health and social care: market position statement

We commission social care and support services for adults  from many different organisations.  It is essential that the services provided by these organisations meet the needs of the people of Denbighshire, and that they align with our strategic objectives.

One of the main ways to stimulate a diverse market for care and support, which offers people a real choice, is through a Market Position Statement.

The Market Position Statement aims to:

  • set out our offer to the market
  • present a picture of current demand and supply, and possible future trends
  • present the views of people who use services
  • support providers to make proactive business and investment decisions
  • prevent providers from wasting resources on poorly targeted initiatives
  • help providers to respond to local need and opportunities
  • act as a starting point for discussions between the Local Authority and those who provide, or wish to provide, services

Health and social care: market position statement 2021 to 2024 (PDF, 475KB)