Substance misuse

Drug misuse is when someone regularly takes one or more drugs, including alcohol, to change their mood, emotions or state of consciousness. One of the biggest risks of drug misuse is that you can develop a drug addiction.

How can we help?

We offer support and guidance for people affected by problematic drug or alcohol use.  Our aim is to provide recovery focussed treatment which is tailored to meet an individual's needs.

We provide:

  • An assessment in order to identify specific needs and preferred treatment outcome
  • A keyworker who will provide a functional analysis of person’s substance misuse
  • Recommending services which includes opiate substitute treatment
  • Community Detoxification and provision of in-patient detoxification
  • Community rehabilitation which involves relapse prevention work and on-going support from a keyworkers
  • Residential rehabilitation – in conjunction with the local authority, we can arrange placements in specialist rehabilitation centres 
  • Access to Moving in in my Recovery Group Programme
  • Weekly Recovery Support Group
  • Alcohol liaison service providing a link between the hospital and the community
  • Specialist midwifery service offering support for pregnant woman who are using substances
  • Prisoner release support and advice
  • Support to access other services such as housing or debt management
  • Harm reduction services including a community outreach service
  • Needle exchange service
  • Safer injecting advice, minimising risk of accidental overdose advice and Naloxone provision
  • Blood Bourne Virus (BBV) testing, information and advice
  • Information and advice on substance misuse

Talking Points

You can visit one of our local Talking Points for a chat and to get any information and advice you think you may need.

Single Point of Access (SPoA)

If you can’t get to a Talking Point or you want a telephone discussion with someone you can contact our Single Point of Access team.