Bin collection dates 

New recycling and waste collections service: Bin collection dates

Information about bin collection days for your new recycling and waste collection service will be made available slightly later than anticipated. We are working with our suppliers to make all dates available before the start date for collections on Monday 3rd June 2024.

Residents on the Trolibocs service will be receiving a letter over the coming week to tell them:

  • What their collection day is
  • When their first recycling collection will be
  • When their first non-recyclable collection will be
  • When to leave out their spare empty wheelie bin for collection.

You can find out your collection dates by entering your details into the boxes below. 

Bin collections don't change on bank holidays except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

When are my bin collection dates?

What time should I put my bins out?

Your bin should be placed on the kerbside by 7:00am.

If you do not place your containers out for collection before 7:00am or put your containers out on the wrong day, you'll need to either: 

If you have placed your bin out for collection and it has not been emptied, please check to see if there is a contamination tag or sticker on your bin. If there is, we will not return to empty your bin.

Please note that we keep a record of bins that have not been presented and that are contaminated.

In the case that you believe our crew have accidently missed your bin, you can report a missed collection online.

Please do not report a missed collection until after 3pm. This is to give the crews enough time to have completed your area.