Planning and building regulations

Planning permission is needed to build on or change the use of land or buildings. Planning proposals in Denbighshire are assessed against policies set out in Future Wales – The National Plan 2040 and Denbighshire County Council’s Adopted Local Development Plan 2006 to 2021. Building regulations set standards for the design and construction of structures.

Addressing the nature emergency through the planning system

Update to Chapter 6 of Planning Policy Wales.

New space standards for affordable housing

View the new space standards for affordable housing.

Guidance on viability assessments

View the guidance on viability assessments.

Services and information


Find out if you need to apply for planning permission.

Building regulations

Find out about the standards for the design and construction of buildings.

Search and comment on applications

View and have your say on current applications.

Local Development Plan (LDP)

The LDP determines where new development will take place.

Make a planning application

Submit an application for planning permission.

Former North Wales Hospital 

Information about the Former North Wales Hospital.

Street naming and numbering

Information about Street naming and numbering in Denbighshire.

Local Authority searches

Land charge searches are carried out when buying a property or piece of land to see if restrictions affect the land or property.

Common land and village greens

We hold the registers for both common land and village greens within Denbighshire.

Conservation areas and listed buildings

Listed buildings and conservation areas are protected because of their special historic interest.

Trees, hedges and grass

We maintain trees, hedges and grass on council owned land.

Planning, Public Protection and Countryside Services: Enforcement Policy

Planning, Public Protection and Countryside Services: Enforcement Policy.